Carina Fogde

Born 1960 in Filipstad. I live and work in Tvååker, where I have my studio.

To be a painter is, for me, to feel freedom, stillness and presence, to paint abstract paintings composed of colours, lines and shapes. I paint thick layers of colour, then I scrape and paint again until It feels right in the the space between the heart and the belly, I want to feel the sense "to eat the colour".

I also work part-time as an art pedagogue and teacher of Art at Varberg School of Culture.


Member of

KRO, The Swedish Artist´s  National organization. Sweden.

KC-West, Swedish Artist organization Gothenburg, Sweden.

Göteborgs Konstnärsklubb, Sweden.

Värmlands society of Artists, Sweden.

The Swedish Printmaker´s Association, Grafiska Sällskapet. Sweden.

Varbergs KKV and Graphic studio, Sweden.

Konstliv, Halland, Sweden.

Tidaholms Collective Workshop and Lithographic Academy in Tidaholm.

KKV-Bohuslän, Centre for Culture,

Artist´s Workshop. Sweden. 

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