Artist Carina Fogde works mainly with painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, graphic art and mixed media

HDK - Academy of design and crafts, Steneby, Gothenburg University Sweden, study BFA program in metal art  2017 - 2020.

Art History/Konstvetenskap, Södertörns University  Sweden  2017.

Yoga & CranoSacral Therapist 

Sweden & Bali 2011.

Art Therapist, Diploma in Art Therapy

Alma Method, Sweden 2008.

Gothenburg University,

teaching diploma for collage level in Art and Design. Sweden 2004.

Interactive Media, LBS Media Studios, Sweden 2000.

Lithography Academy, Tidaholm Sweden 1995-1996.

School of Art, Sweden 1987 - 1989.

College, aestic programme, drawing, painting, sculpture, Sweden 1980 -1981


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