Master of Fine Art, HDK VALAND, MFA, metal Art, Steneby 2022.

My work is about signs of memories, textures, and dreams. I have worked with the house and sunflowers as forms. Metal is my material. I have worked symbolically and intuitively with the objects and their textures.

My houses are transformed into solitary bodies when distanced from the urban environment; deprived of windows and doors, they close everything out with their stark frames. The sunflowers were transformed from dead flowers and into individual frozen moments.

Reflecting on the silence, the intuitive and the unspoken. They may be archetypes of emotions, symbols, or habitation. Reflecting on memories and dreams, simplicity, beauty, and fragility, where every nerve is on the outside, which is where I want to be.

Working with three dreams on three different projects. Sunflowers - memories from childhood. The hut - Memories from Saltoluokta and the longing for the north. Abode - The dream of the house, the texture, and freedom.

metal sculpture

HDK VALAND Academy of Fine Art and Design, BFA 2020. My  exam work is based on the process of Metal from a concept to finished form. My material is metal, glass and ceramic. In the theme of  Abode – memories from houses. (“Boning” in Swedish)  I have focused on the organic texture in my art work. Reflect on the silent, Non- verbal knowledge, between the spoken and unspoken, Relation to the wordless and intuitive approach. The dialogue between me, my artworks and the viewer. The house as a meetingplace where I meet what I want and what I need.  I am the house of Power, emotions, and the archetype of the house.  Reflected on memories from the dream of a House, the temple, the symbol, the transparent, the Contrast, the closed rooms, and the invisible house. Darkness  – where you do not come in or out. Could it be the truth, the wordless I am looking for and trying to put words to. 

Metal Sculptures, cast in aluminium the big one, the smaller cast in bronze. 2020. Photo Tom Bengtsson