metal sculpture

HDK VALAND Academy of Fine Art and Design, BFA 2020. My  exam work is based on the process of Metal from a concept to finished form. My material is metal, glass and ceramic. In the theme of  Abode – memories from houses. (“Boning” in Swedish)  I have focused on the organic texture in my art work. Reflect on the silent, Non- verbal knowledge, between the spoken and unspoken, Relation to the wordless and intuitive approach. The dialogue between me, my artworks and the viewer. The house as a meetingplace where I meet what I want and what I need.  I am the house of Power, emotions, and the archetype of the house.  Reflected on memories from the dream of a House, the temple, the symbol, the transparent, the Contrast, the closed rooms, and the invisible house. Darkness  – where you do not come in or out. Could it be the truth, the wordless I am looking for and trying to put words to.  Art and creation are for me a way of life, a place I choose, a simplicity, beauty and fragility where every nerve is outside,  where I want to be.

Metal Sculptures, cast in aluminium the big one, the smaller cast in bronze. 2020. Photo Tom Bengtsson