International Exhibitions
Reflection, sold


Art Gallery No 6, Exhibition Venue of China and Europe, Contemporary Art, Guangzhou China 2020.

Daiichi Modern Art Gallery, Malaysia 2019.

Galleria Kookos, With Open Eyes, Helsinki, Finland 2019.

Womens Essence in Collaboration with official pavilion state of Bangladesh 58 th Biennale di Venezia, Italy 2019.

150mmchallenge, Hereford, England 2019.

Internationale hantwerksmesse Munchen, Germany 2019.

Bela Biennale, Cable Factory, AVA gallery  Helsinki, Finland 2018.

Gallery GHG, Henrik Gerner, Moss, Norway 2015, 2017.

Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden Germany 2016.

Ava Art Festival Exhibition, Enokojima, Centre for Art, Osaka, Japan 2016. 

Italia Docet Laboratorium _collateral event at the 56 Biennale di Venezia, Italy 2015.

Chianciano Art Museum, Art Biennale Chianciano Terme, Italy 2011, 2015.

Mamag Modern Art Museum, Paks Gallery,  Blindenmarkt, Austria 2015.

LIMLIP Art Museum, South Korea, The 11th Gongju International Art Festival, Gongju -Si Korea 2014.

Transnational Contemporary Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan 2014.

Bela Print Biennale of European and Latin Art, Osaka, Japan 2013.

Southern Nevada Fine Art Museum, Las Vegas, USA 2013.

Art Galleria 360, Art Gallery, Florence, Italia 2013.

International Art Gallery Studio Vogue Toronto, Canada 2013.

Art Gallery Stam, Amsterdam,  Holland 2013.

Marzia Forzen, Berlin, Germany 2013.

Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, USA 2012.

Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Modern and Contemporary Art, 2012.

Whitney International Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA 2012.

The 2nd European Lithography Exhibition ”Maps and Flags”  Munchen, Germany 2012 .

Moya Museum of Young Art, Wienna, Austria 2012.

Gallery Tondinelli, Rome, Italy 2012.

Gagliardi Gallery in London, England  2012.

County Museum Knjazevac, Serbia 2012.

National Museum of Bor, Serbia 2012.

Art Exhibition, Aleksinac, Serbia 2012.

National Museum, Nis, Serbia 2011.

Marziart International Gallery Hamburg, Germany 2011.

Gyárfas Jenó Art Gallery, Sfántu Gheroge, Transylvanien 2011.

Projekt Tabor Presse Berlin 2011.

European house, Paul Celan Poems and Graphic Circle Nis Serbia 2010.

Finland Graphic Triennal Lahti Art Museum, Finland 2007.

Art Gallery Stadtarchi grafikwerkstatt Dresden, Germany  2007.

INDA Galéria Budapest, Hungary 2007

International Fine Art Symposium, Padlas Gallery, Balatonalmádi, Hungary 2007.

Galeri im Hofefeld Frauenstein, Germany 2007.

Lètangd Art Gallery Bages, France 2006, 2007.

Farleys Yard east Sussex, England 2006, 2007.

International Print of Cadaques Girona, Spain 2006, 2007.

Lessedra Miniprint Sofia Bulgaria 2005, 2006, 2007.

The 1st European Lithography Exhibition” topography” Munchen, Germany 2005.

Museum of Lithography, Aberdeen, Scotland 1998.